All of ATEC Rental’s rental vehicles are built to the highest quality standards. Thanks to the use of Amphitec vacuum/pressure technology, all suction systems are both versatile and easy to use. All our rental equipment was built recently, meaning that it incorporates the latest developments. At ATEC Rental, therefore, you will get access to an A-quality machine for safe and efficient dry and wet substance vacuuming, blowing, discharging, and transporting. Our vacuuming machines are commonly used in three different domains:



Industrial cleaning

ATEC Rental’s trucks are extremely well-suited for industrial cleaning work, both in the petrochemical industry and in the food sector.

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Suction excavation

Renting a vacuum/pressure suction excavator is the best alternative to conventional excavation.

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Seeing as all of ATEC Rental’s trucks are equipped with the most innovative vacuum/pressure technology, they will let you work in even the hardest-to-reach places.

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