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Atec Rental Machines THE SOLUTION FOR SUCTION AND BLOWING activities

Industrial cleaning

Industrial applications:

  • Removal of contaminated soil and residue
  • Oil tank and silo cleaning and emptying
  • Catalyst removal in the chemical and petrochemical industry
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Applications in construction:

  • Roof ballast application and removal (roof gravel/roof substrate)
  • Application, removal, and transport of insulation material in crawl spaces
  • Vacuuming of soil and sludges from dept and distances
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Suction excavation

Applications in suction excavation:

  • Clearing cables and pipelines
  • Soil removal in hard-to-reach places
  • Removal of contaminated soil in urban areas
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Industrial cleaning
Suction excavation

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User Friendly

Short and Long Term


All of ATEC Rental’s machines are near new and have the right functions and features to make the work as easy as possible for you. They are both simple and safe to operate. On top of that, these units are extremely robust and high quality, which means minimum maintenance and repairs. The machines are also highly versatile; they can be used for a wide variety of different jobs. All of these benefits combined makes hiring vacuum/pressure equipment from ATEC Rental a very cost-effective option for you.



Reviews What our customer say

We have a long term rental contract with ATEC Rental. The machine is running smoothly and we have little to no downtime. In case we need service, we contact the local support.

Janne Laitomaa, Managing Director Clean Steel

We rent machines from Atec Rental to handle our peaks. We have 12 Amphitec machines in our own fleet. As a result, we are well acquainted with the equipment that they rent out from Atec.

Eric Nijemanting, Owner Fihuma

We are customer for a long time. We have several short and long term rental contracts running. Atec has great service!

Martin Torenvliet, Owner Zandspuiten